Looking for the Best Air Purifer for Pets?

Are you on the search to find the best air purifier for pets, pet hair and animal dander?

Then you have come to the right place.

Sample of the Best Air Purifier for PetsFor years I suffered from allergies and sickness due to being allergic to pets, but that didn’t stop me from loving my dogs and cats one bit. It was just something I dealt with on a daily basis and tried to take medicine for. Eventually I found this website which led me to allergy relief.

Medicine like Claritin worked for a while, but it started to get too expensive to keep paying for month after month so I looked into getting an air purifier because a friend of mine told me that it worked wonders for her allergies to pets and it was a lot cheaper in the long run.

I spent weeks looking online for the best and most affordable air purifier for pet hair and let me tell you it was not easy finding it! There were so many different air purifiers that claimed they would be the most effective at removing pet dander from dogs and cats. However, I looked at the reviews I found online and did a big comparison shopping spree.

What I found was that not all air purifiers are best for getting rid of pet hair. In fact, there is really only one kind of purifier that will actually work. The other types are a waste of time and money because they are manufactured to get rid of other toxins in the air.

What you want to get is a True HEPA Air Purifer to eliminate pet hair and dander. Why? Because a True HEPA air purifier will get rid of 99.97% of allergens that are as small as .3 microns in size, which includes pet dander.

Other types of air purifiers like Ionisers, Carbon Only, Ultra Violet, etc. won’t do a thing to get rid of animal allergy toxins because they can’t capture particles that small or are not made to get rid of such things. For example, an Ultra Violet air purifer is only good at killing airborne bacteria and viruses. They have no affect against pet dander. They also do not have a filter that can trap pet hair like a True HEPA filter does.

If you love animals and are allergic to them, don’t fear it anymore because there is relief. I found it by getting a pet hair air purifier made by the company Winix. It is the WAC9500 Model and has received hundreds of positive reviews from other cat and dog allergy sufferers.

Comparing the cost of this device which is under 200 dollars to the cost of taking medicine like Claritin every month, $30+, it is a no brainer that you should invest in this air cleaner. It will pay for itself in less than one year after you buy it.

If you know anyone who has lots of animals you should tell them about getting a device for their house or apartment too to remove the pet hair and dander caused by cats and dogs. Even if they are not allergic, just the cleanliness and purity of the air makes it a well worth investment. I never knew how dirty the air is around you until I bought this unit. It’s amazing!

So if you are trying to find the best air purifier for pet hair and dander, get the Winix WAC9500. It is the top model purification unit I found available for sale today and has the reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it.


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